Palladium Mining Rig

Palladium Mining Rig

By the Numbers


  • Total Hashrate (in Millions of calculations per second)
    • 270 MH /s
  • Projected Daily BTC Earned (USD) 
    • $23.61 (Last Updated 8/15/2021)
      • For current yields, please use the NiceHash Profit Calculator below.
    • Please note that you need to manually increase the "number of devices" to 3, the default will only be 1 however the rig has 3.


* All figures are based on bitcoin prices which are subject to change. Please note that these projections are provided only for reference and are not guaranteed. For the most accurate projections, please use the NiceHash Profit Calculator which allows you to enter in power cost and uses current BTC mining yields with this mining rig's hardware.

  • GPU Market Volatility

    All quoted configurations are subject to availability due to GPU shortages in the market. All quoted prices are informative and may be subject to change due to high volatility of the GPU market. Upon submission of quote request, we will verify the availability of your configuration and provide you with a binding quote.

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